MK has a pretty unique design layout – with many of our residential areas hidden behind the millions of trees, which make the city such as special place to live. Often, people who visit MK ask – where are all the people?

Beds United will offer both visitors and residents the chance to find out! raumlabor invite the citizens of Milton Keynes to host an overnight guest who may be visiting for the Festival or could already live in MK – but in a different part of the city.

raumlabor’s idea is that they would like every residential area within the grid square and beyond to have one (or more!) hosts for the duration of the Festival.

The Festival needs YOU!

If you would like for information or have any questions please email us at

Keep scrolling for details on how to get involved.

Would you like to be a host?

Would you like to welcome a guest into your home and show them what an amazing place MK is to live?


Now, we know what you are thinking… this is just like air b-n-b!
Well – on first appearances - you could say that, but Beds United will offer much more. Hosts will all get to meet each other, have dinner at MK Gallery, exchange ideas and stories and also have their portrait taken.

Guests who sign up for the Beds United experience – won’t get to choose where they stay - instead the Festival team will pair up hosts and guests.

Most importantly – no money will change hands (hosts will be reimbursed with any costs incurred for food or laundry by the Festival).

Apply now

If you are interested and would like to know more - we have a created a very simple form here.

Once completed Ursula and Rachel from the Festival team will then be in touch to tell you more about it. 

If you would like for information or have any questions please email us at

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A Festival of Creative Urban Living
26 September – 13 October 2019

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Illustration by Lukas Hamilcaro
Design by Studio Chehade  

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